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Vulvodynia Patient Testimonial

Overcoming Painful Sex due to Vulvodynia

"My condition was addressed by determinating that I was suffering from Vulvodynia...My problem began to resolve after about two weeks of following all of the methods of treatment."

The problem I was facing was Vulvodynia. I experienced pain in my vulva during and mostly after intercourse. After several weeks of this pain, I started having constant pain every day and I was dehydrated and dry. Wearing pants and showering was also a painful time.

I lived with this feeling for about 6 months before treatment.

Before coming to the Women Center I had been treated by my gynecologist and he recommended that I see Dr. Ferrara.

He was only able to help/treat me with what he could find which wasn't enough as I had this ongoing problem for many months.

When I first thought of calling to make an appointment I was nervous, overwhelmed and embarrassed. I thought I was the only woman with problems of this kind.

I thought they wouldn't understand me or my needs. Fortunately, just speaking to the receptionist I felt comfortable and positive about meeting such a professional staff.

During my first appointment I discussed my history and any other topic I wanted to cover. I then had a thorough physical exam and took a complete blood test.

Although these procedures aren't exactly ones most people look forward to, I left my first appointment feeling accomplished and ready to tackle my needs.

My condition was addressed by determinating that I was suffering from Vulvodynia, caused by being on the birth control pill for so long.

My treatment entailed getting off the pill, not to have penetration intercourse, and to use a prescription estrogen/testosterone creme which was soothing right away.

My problem began to resolve after about two weeks of following all of the methods of treatment. Since treatment has taken me so far, I will gladly continue to follow up as directed. I did have a small relapse but not nearly as complicated as the first time.

It was easy to treat with an antibiotic. It was easy to come back and get additional help when I needed it because I have been in touch with the doctors all along and trust them completely.

The single most important thing I learned through all of this is to be positive, and that there is treatment for this condition. I would like to encourage others by suggesting they have the courage to make an appointment and look on the bright side!

32 Years Old


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