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Vaginismus Treatment Patient Testimonial

Overcoming vaginismus and painful sex

"My fear of penetration has almost entirely disappeared and I can look forward to a happy and safe sexual future in a loving relationship."

I had been suffering with vaginismus for all of my life and felt there was no cure. I had gone to GPs, gynos, and even sex shops looking for any kind of cure for this condition that was ruining my life Everyone kept saying the same thing to me -- "just relax, it's all in your mind."

Many people hadn't even heard of vaginismus. Finally, a psychologist I was working with did some research online and found the MCFS. This was about two years ago, but as desperate as I was, I still didn't contact them right away because I honestly believed they could not help me.

However, I kept reading their website and learning about others like me, and began to believe that this Center might be able to offer me some help.

I eventually made an appointment, and on my very first visit I met with Dr. Cathleen Kneidl, who has literally changed my life! I went to see her for the first time in April 2010 and had scheduled visits with her every two weeks. From the first visit, she worked with me using the dilators.

I was in tears at the time, and kept telling her that she'd never be able to help me. Needless to say, she was successful with me from the first try, and had me take the dilator home and work with it for about 10 minutes each time. I have been working successfully with the dilators every single night since then.

From each visit onward, I was able to use a larger and larger instrument, because I was learning about the anatomy of my body, and that the key lay in coaxing my muscles to relax with the help of the dilators.

By the end of August, I had completed the use of all of the sizes of dilators and am now working with the "toys" prescribed by the Center. I had "graduated." Now, not only can I not believe the success I have had at the Center, but that it had taken me so long to come to the Center, and how many years of my life I had wasted!

My fear of penetration has almost entirely disappeared and I can look forward to a happy and safe sexual future in a loving relationship. I owe it all to doctors like Dr. Kneidl and Dr. Marcus. They truly are miracle workers, and I strongly encourage any woman with this ailment (or any other ailment for that matter) to seek out their services immediately. It will be one of the best decisions a woman can ever make in her life.

My only regret is that there are not more centers like MCFS across all of America. They provide an important, supportive, successful and much needed service to women, and I am honored and grateful for what they have done -- and continue to do -- for me.

-- A --
44 Years Old


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