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Vaginismus Treatment Story

"The staff seemed interested in finding out about who I was and my personal history rather than just focusing on my 'vagina problems'."

I’ve never exactly “gotten along” with my vagina. Before I went to the MCFS, I felt frustrated and miserable that I could not complete a gynecology exam, was unable to insert anything into my vagina, and became extremely anxious at the very thought of even opening my legs for a exam. I felt dysfunctional and like a failure.

My mother set up an appointment for me at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, but I had little hope that their team of doctors would be able to help me.

I walked into the office extremely anxious and was prepared for another miserable gynecology exam experience in which I wouldn’t be able to comply with the doctor’s requests to relax, open my legs, and let her poke around down there.

I was relieved when I was not immediately ushered into a cold room, told to undress, and open my legs. Instead, I met with Shannon and Melissa who seemed more interested in finding out about who I was and my personal history rather than just focusing on my "vagina problems".

Although Shannon and Melissa were very understanding and sympathetic, my experience overcoming vaginismus was not easy. I had serious, deep-rooted issues with my vagina.

My anxiety made it impossible for me to even open my legs during our first few sessions. As you can imagine, it was a huge milestone when we were able to insert a tiny q-tip during our 2nd session.

Although this may seem like a small or insignificant feat for some, for me it was the moment of realization that Melissa and her team of compassionate and patient co-workers might actually be able to help me.

Over time, we worked to increase the sizes of dilators that I could insert. It was not always easy, or pleasant, but the slow and steady progress I made has changed my life. I have had sex on several occasions and can even wear tampons!

Although I am still working to become fully comfortable with my vagina and sexuality, the progress I have made is truly remarkable.

I applaud the MCFS team for their continued dedication and commitment to helping me overcome both the physical and emotional difficulties of having vaginismus.

-- L --
22 Years Old


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