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Painful Intercourse Patient Testimonial

"By the time I got to the Center I had stopped having intercourse altogether and I was beginning to think no one could help me."

By the time I went to visit the Center I was a mess and starting to think I was crazy. I had been with my boyfriend for 3 years. The first year we were together things were great. We were having sex all the time. Sometimes twice a day. A year later though, something weird started happening. Suddenly I had pain when we were having intercourse. I thought it might have had something to do with the new birth control I was on (the Nuvaring) since the pain started up shortly after I started using it. I asked my ob/gyn who insisted there was no connection.

The next two years were terrible sexually. The pain got worse and worse and I was less and less interested in sex. My vagina seemed to get more and more irritated and prone to infections. It was starting to drive my boyfriend crazy and it was making me upset.

By the time I got to the Center I had stopped having intercourse altogether and I was beginning to think no one could help me. I had stopped the Nuvaring by this time but was feeling generally hopeless.

Well, things have certainly changed. At the first visit Shannon and Melissa assured me that the Nuvaring was often the cause of vaginal pain and they thought I was absolutely correct to have stopped using it. They also diagnosed and treated a raging infection, treated low Vitamin D, prescribed some topical creams and had me work with dilators. I couldn’t believe it! One month after I started seeing them I was a totally different person. When I came in for my last visit I told them that I had sex 5 times during the last week and a half. I think that’s more than we had the entire year before! I’m trying to get my (very happy) boyfriend to write a testimonial as well.

24 Years Old


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