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Painful Sex Before, During and After Intercourse

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The clinical term for pain before, during and after sex is Dyspareunia.

There are a number of different types of pain a woman may experience during sexual activity, and it is important to see a practitioner who is able to help identify the source of the pain, something that may be difficult for a patient herself to do.Once a practitioner can differentiate between sources of the pain, one or more conditions can be specified.

Conditions causing painful sex

Causes of painful sex
  • Insufficient lubrication may cause the penis to irritate the skin
  • Muscles may have tightened due to age, childbirth, disuse or other reasons, and they may need to be stretched
  • There may be a nerve positioned in such a way that the penis pushes against it causing pain during intercourse
  • A muscular or bone formation has shifted causing pain during sex or any other type of contact
  • Stress
  • Psychological factors
Treating painful intercourse

The goal of any form of treatment is to reduce the pain or discomfort. Treatment may include:

  • Use of vaginal dilators
  • Trying to increase lubrication through topical creams
  • Using hormone therapy
  • Increasing the blood flow with Viagra, a vibrator or a suction/pump
  • Experimenting with different lubrications
  • Stretching exercises
  • Physical therapy to strengthen supporting muscles to alleviate pressure from other related muscles
  • Exploring psychological factors that may be contributing


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