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Orgasm Stories from Real Women

While I used to have sex all the time, it became a chore to have it once a month.

In 1995, I had a total hysterectomy that included removal of my ovaries. Until then, my sex life with my husband had been extremely loving and satisfying. I was always a sexual person and really enjoyed sex.

After the hysterectomy, I was devastated to find that my libido had diminished entirely and I was no longer interested in sex. While I used to have sex several times a week, it became a chore to have it once a month.

After I had the hysterectomy, I returned to my gynecologist to address my issues about my sex drive. She prescribed a combination testosterone/estrogen pill, but it didn’t help very much. I continued to speak with my gynecologist, and she suggested I see a therapist to determine what was happening psychologically.

Through this all, I knew my body was having a physical reaction and it wasn’t a psychological issue. Though my gynecologist encouraged me to see the therapist, I was convinced that this was not the issue because my relationship was strong and there were no psychological issues taking place except for my disappointment about losing such an important part of my life.

Also during this time, as a natural result of aging, I began to experience fewer and less-intense orgasms. My sex life was getting worse and worse but, through it all, my husband remained supportive and helped me seek any medical help that I could.

This went on for almost 10 years. One day, I was reading a magazine article that left me very frustrated. It implied that all sexual issues for women were psychological and caused by stress. I became irritated that another source was trying to tell me it was all in my head!

A few days later, I read a response to the article and felt like it had been written about me. It said there can be physical causes for sexual issues. The response was written by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, clinical director of The Medical Center for Female Sexuality. I immediately contacted the center and spoke with the director. Finally I had found someone who could understand what I was experiencing.

I went into the center and had a psychosexual evaluation that was very personal but never intrusive or clinical. I also had a thorough physical exam, which was not at all stressful because Melissa, the Nurse Practitioner, had an extremely welcoming way of getting the information she needed. Both clinicians I met with have such a natural manner about them when they are discussing sex. I really believed that I would get help for the first time in all the years I had been searching for an answer.

At my second appointment they reviewed their suggestions and explained how the exam results had led to their recommendations. I started taking a combination of different hormones. While there was an improvement, I still didn’t feel the way I wanted. Finding the right dosing combinations took a while, and not once did I feel a sense of frustration. I really felt that they were willing to take the time to find me the perfect treatment so that I was happy with the results.

Now, things are great again! I am continuing on my treatment program and even add a little medication occasionally to enhance my orgasms. My husband and I have returned to the amazing relationship we had before my hysterectomy. Without the staff at The Medical Center for Female Sexuality, I would still be unhappy with my sex life rather than enjoying this time in my life. The wait for an answer has been worth it!

-- G --
60 Years Old


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