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Stories from Women about No/Weak Orgasms - Medical Solution

It was rare for my husband and me to have sex. It bothered him and certainly bothered me.

I had been married for 11 years and I realized that my libido was very low. It was becoming rarer and rarer for my husband and me to have sex. It bothered him. It certainly bothered me and it was beginning to seriously affect our relationship. We saw a marriage counselor and she recommended that I visit the Women’s Center as she thought there might be a biological reason for my lack of desire. Turns out she was right!

For my first visit to the Women’s Center, I sat down with Bat Sheva and Melissa who gave me their undivided attention. We talked about how I was feeling; they took a total inventory of my sexual history and my life. Bat Sheva said it would help to see if there were any environmental issues contributing to the problems. After we sat down together, Melissa drew blood and performed a complete physical exam.

Two weeks after my appointment, I went back and that is when the real work started. My hormones that control desire were very low. Bat Sheva and Melissa felt that was the main contributor to my low desire and spelled out two possible courses of action and positioned the choice as completely voluntary. They explained the benefits and possible side effects of each potential treatment and left the final decision up to me. The treatment plan we chose together was a topical hormone cream coupled with an antidepressant. Melissa and Bat Sheva were wholeheartedly behind this solution I felt educated about my options and not pressured in any way.

I had my next appointment a month later and was disappointed since I felt as if none of the medication was having any effect. We made some adjustments to the medications and that seemed to be the change I needed. I cannot believe how much better I am feeling in general. My mood and desire are enhanced. I am more optimistic and positive, and the best news is that my husband and I are having sex again.

Until I came to the Center I never would have believed that there was a medical solution to my problems. Throughout the entire process I felt like Melissa and Bat Sheva were my friends as well as my doctors. They have saved me and saved my marriage.

45 years old


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