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Monthly Newsletter - How to Find the Right Lubricant

March 2010

There are as many different lubricants as there are types of ... shampoos. And like shampoos everyone ends up with their very own favorite. And never, ever, argue with a woman about why her favorite brand of shampoo is inferior to your favorite brand. Believe me, it will end up very ugly, quickly.

But lubricants are important to your love life. Nearly every woman, at some point in her life, will find that her body doesn't lubricate enough to make intercourse comfortable or enough for her to feel really good. Some women need it early on in their sex life while they are learning what sex is all about and what turns them on. Some women find that after childbirth or while they are nursing their lubrication just isn't what it used to be and some women find that as they get older they aren't necessarily making the same lubrication they did when they were younger. And that is when a good lubricant can make all the difference. So it's probably worth the time to try to find a lubricant that you really like.

So how do you find that perfect lube? Well, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Lubricants come in a variety of textures that vary from more "liquidy" to more "creamy." In general, women tend to like the ones that stay liquidy longer and often find that the creamy ones get sticky and "tacky" over time. However, you need to experiment with what feels good. Wet Platinum is clear, silicone based and silky, while Astro Glide is a bit more liquid. Liquid Silk is creamier, whitish and a bit thicker.
  • If you are prone to yeast infections, you will want stay away from glycerin. A number of good glycerin-free lubricants are made by O'My and Kama Sutra. If you find that you get yeast infections a lot, switch to one of these and see if the situation improves. Firefly Organics also makes a fragrance free, irritant free lubricant that's very popular (but don't use it with latex condoms - it can eat away at the latex.)
  • Don't ever use Vaseline with a condom... unless of course you really have an unconscious urge to have a baby. Latex condoms get eaten away by petroleum jelly. Also, be careful using silicone lubricants regularly with sex toys. If they are used consistently, the sex toys may start to "melt away."
  • Flavored lubricants can be a fun way to enhance your love life. Many really fine lubricants now come in flavors. Search Karma Sutra and O'My for some nice choices. Believe it or not, they come in all kinds of nifty flavors like pina colada and mango orange, as well as the good oldies like cherry and vanilla!

So get out there and find yourself a lubrication that works. Keep it by your bed and enjoy!

MCFS Book Recommendation

Hot Monogamy - Essential Steps to More Passionate, Intimate Lovemaking., Love P. and Robinson J. (1995) New York: Plume Books

Ok, we're busted. We recommend this book at least twice a year since many of our readers are in committed relationships and are looking for ways to keep the fire burning. Don't let the date dissuade you [was 1995 really 15 years ago?], this book is as contemporary and relevant in 2010 as it was then.

Happy Reading!


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How to find the right lubricant for you

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