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Low Libido

“MCFS saved my marriage. I'm happy to feel like a sexual being again.”

I had lived with a low libido for many, many years. It periodically resulted in huge arguments between me and my husband. Believing that it was something which was ‘in my head’ I always vowed to try harder.  Things would be much better for a while but then I would realize that we had slipped back into an old pattern and I would try to ignore it.  Eventually we would argue…I would vow to try harder… things would get better for a while….and the cycle began again.

I sought help at the Center when the problem was seriously threatening our marriage. I had mentioned the problem to my doctor in the past, but wasn’t really given anything definite to do and there was no follow up. I eventually mentioned it to my gynecologist; she felt that I needed help from professional therapists and put me in touch with The Medical Center for Female Sexuality. I checked out the website, read about other patients who had been helped there and realized that I wasn’t unique and that there was someone out there who could really help me.

I was a little anxious about calling to make the first appointment, but knew it was something that had to be done if I was to save my marriage. I need not have worried. From that first phone call the office staff has always been friendly, reassuring and professional. I have never felt awkward booking or attending appointments.

I went to my first appointment in a state of desperation and incredibly upset about my situation.  Bat Sheva and Melissa very soon put me at ease and before I knew it, I was talking about things I had never talked to anyone about before, not even my husband.  At all subsequent appointments I have felt equally comfortable even though we have talked about very intimate things. In the past I would be embarrassed to talk about such issues or avoid them altogether, but with them it was fine.  I think I realized that I wasn’t saying anything that they hadn’t heard before, so there was no need to be self-conscious.

I soon discovered that my problem was not ‘in my head’ but was in fact a physiological problem. Blood tests proved this, including showing that my testosterone level was very low. I have been taking medication to address the deficiencies, and after much consideration have begun applying testosterone gel to raise my levels.

Additionally, I have done a lot of talking and listening at my appointments. I felt I was receiving all around therapy, not just given drugs to make me better.

I immediately began to feel different, initially because of my changed state of mind and soon after due to the effects of the medication.  In spite of a blip or two requiring tweaking of the drugs or the chance to talk things through, I have never looked back. Whenever I had any questions, doubts or problems I knew that I could contact the clinic, get an appointment within days or a reply via email or phone call within 24 hours. Knowing that was always reassuring.

I now feel great. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. We have a very full sex life, which I now actually enjoy! I think I still surprise my husband at times.

The most important thing I learned from my experience was that my problem was not just in my head and really couldn’t be satisfactorily resolved simply by trying harder. At my first appointment, Bat Sheva told me not to worry, that in eight month’s time I would be in a totally different place. She was absolutely right. I am, and I love it!

I would recommend others to seek help in a heartbeat.  I confess that I was concerned initially about the cost of the treatment, but it has been worth every cent and I wish I had made the investment years ago.

--Karen M--


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