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Low Libido Success Story

"About three weeks after I started the treatment, it was as if my body woke up."

I first noticed a decrease in my libido starting about 12 years ago. At the time I was single so it didn't matter. About 9 years ago I met my husband and by then the decrease in my sex drive was getting progressively worse. As of about 4 years ago, I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in sex and didn’t have any kind of sexual desire. I believed it had to do with changes in my hormones.

This caused a lot of problems and put a big strain on my marriage. My husband thought that I was not attracted to him and that I did not desire him. He was very frustrated and took it very personal and said I didn't care about his needs. He would want me to wear sexy clothes and watch sex movies which I really hated. I didn't have problems having an orgasm but the thought of having sex and getting started was not very pleasant.

On several occasions I had mentioned my lack of sex drive to doctors but all I got was talk about the many things that could affect a women's sex drive such as stress, resentment towards your partner and what have you. I also received treatment from a gynocologist but she was not able to safely prescribe the proper dose of testosterone. I found out about MCFS from a sex therapist that I went to as a last resort.

I was a bit apprehensive about calling MCFS since I wasn't sure what to expect or how I would feel discussing such a personal matter with someone else. It has been the best thing that I have done. On my first appointment I met with Bat Sheva and Melissa. They explained how the whole process worked, took a sexual history, gave me a physical exam and drew blood. I felt very comfortable talking with them and they made me feel at ease. It was like sitting down talking with a girlfriend. On my follow-up visit a few weeks later, they told me that my testosterone level was very low. I was prescribed a testosterone gel to put on my thighs and a low dose antidepressant.

About three weeks after I started the treatment, it was as if my body woke up. My body started tingling, I was having sexual fantasies and wanted very much to have sex with my husband. Having sex is wonderful now and I feel great. Now I'm constantly looking for and wearing sexy clothes to turn on my husband and he's just ecstatic over the change in my sexual libido. I even initiate sex a good part of the time and look forward to our sexual encounters. I find that I'm a lot more affectionate towards him and the relationship is a whole lot better.

I meet with Bat Sheva and Melissa every couple of months to discuss how things are going and so that they can monitor my testosterone level. I wish I had known about them a lot sooner. There is nothing about the process that is uncomfortable or unpleasant and there is so much to be gained from seeking help from MCFS. I feel like a normal woman again. My husband and I are both very happy and thankful for MCFS. It is good to know that there is help out there.

57 Years Old


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