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Low Libido in Women(Low Sexual Desire)

Low libido in women (or low sexual desire) can become a problem at any life stage.

The condition we see most often at our center is low libido or low sexual desire. There can be many factors affecting sexual desire and therefore both the assessment and the treatment takes into account a wide range of both physiologic and psychological factors.

It's also a condition that many women choose to ignore. Let's face it: it's easier to ignore low sexual desire than it might be to ignore pain.

But, over time, having a low libido or no desire for sex can impact a woman's sense of identity, her self-confidence and her general enjoyment of life and her relationships.

If you have a regular partner, your lack of sexual interest can be damaging. Conversely, addressing low libido – and reversing its course –has a happy ending in nearly every case. 

Listen to Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus talk about low desire:

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Low sexual desire is described in many ways. Here are some descriptions we hear from our patients about loss of sexual desire and libido:

Read some of the testimonials to hear women describe, in their own words, how wonderful it feels to recover a satisfying sex life. 

Seeking Medical Help for Low Libido

Still, according to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, only 18% of women with sexual dysfunction seek medical help. In the case of low libido, it just may not seem like a big enough problem. And doctors frequently dismiss it as something solely psychological and even insignificant.

But ask any of our patients how it feels to have sexual desire back in their lives after a “dry spell” connected to some watershed event in their lives (having a baby, menopause, starting medication). 

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