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Hormone Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction Patient Testimonials

Hormone Therapy Stories from Real Women

The stories below are real words from real MCFS patients, each of whom was treated with hormones because they suffered from: arousal disorders, low desire, weak orgasms.

Hormone Therapy Treatment Stories
  • " I am so happy I came to the center. You guys understand what women are going through!!!" Read more...
  • "Things weren't going well with me and my husband, but I just didn't know where to turn or how to fix it." Read more...
  • "It was rare for my husband and me to have sex. It bothered him and certainly bothered me." Read more...
  • "I found the Center's Web site and came here for low libido problems. I had let things go for a long time." Read more...
  • "I had suffered from depression and was taking antidepressants for many years. As a result, I had no desire for sex or my husband..." Read more...
  • "My lack of desire began when my son was born 13 years ago." Read more...
  • "If I knew 5 years ago what I know now, I wouldn’t have waited..." Read more...


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Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Women share their experiences with sexual dysfunction, their search for answers, the challenges encountered along the way, and how they found solutions to a better sex life.

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