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What is the G spot?

The G-spot (named after a Dr. Grafenberg) is a sensitive area near the front of the vagina on the upper wall. If you or your partner insert a finger in your vagina and make a “come hither” movement, you should be able to find the g-spot. If you touch that spot and the surrounding area you will be able to tell if it is a particularly sensitive area for you.

Erogenous zones clearly vary for different women. We should point out that although some women find this spot to be very sensitive and enhancing to their enjoyment of sex, others do not report having such a spot or finding its stimulation particularly exciting.

For some women, when this area is stimulated during sex, the result is an orgasm that feels different from, or more intense than, the orgasm they have with clitoral stimulation only. The orgasm may also include a gush of fluid from the urethra. No one is quite certain what the liquid is composed of but many women find the “ejaculation” pleasurable and their partners find it exciting.

G Spot Resources

Research Study

A twin study exploring the genetic and environmental influences on self-reported g spots in women.

The G-spot: A Modern Gynecologic Myth

Abstract of an article published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The article reviews the behavioral, biochemical, and anatomic evidence for the reality of the G-spot and female ejaculation.

Who's afraid of the G-spot?

Abstract of an article published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The article explores the controversial nature of the g spot and female sexuality.

Sinclair Intimacy Institute

Leading source of sexual health products for adults who want to improve the quality of intimacy and sex in their relationships.

Common Questions About the Female Orgasm


Free women’s sexuality information packet.

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