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Botox™ Vaginismus Treatment Story

" I guarantee that every dollar you invest on travel to visit the office and to have the vaginismus (Botox) procedure will result in a wealth of happiness for you and your partner"

As with most major decisions or problems, it is not normal to find the right solution in the first place you look. By the time you find the MCFS website and possibly read this testimonial, you will be ready for anything.

Please be willing to call the team at MCFS to set up an initial consultation. You’ll start the process that I have just finished and I guarantee that every dollar you invest on travel to visit the office and to have the vaginismus (Botox) procedure will result in a wealth of happiness for you and your partner.

Like I mentioned, I just finished the treatment process with the assistance of Dr. Werner, Melissa and the others in the Purchase, NY office. Allow me to explain further…

My body was locked: like the barred gates of the Citadel. Nothing was going in and it was surprising that anything came out. By nothing I mean that growing up I never used a tampon, so this problem dates back for 16 years. Even when the time came for gynecological exams, the experience was excruciatingly painful and draining.

This fear of penetration and automatic tightness followed me to my honeymoon. One would expect a magical night of romance and hot passion. My husband and I simply looked forward to the hot breakfast buffet at the hotel where we were staying.

Over the course of our marriage, I attempted to solve my inability to have sex every which way: from discussing it with my family doctor and analyzing the issue with a handful of therapists, to reading books on intimacy / sexual desire and completing workbooks by delving into “attitudes and beliefs” / “misunderstandings” about sex.

After years of seeking out various attempts to solve this problem, my patient and supportive husband did a five-minute Internet search and came across the Medical Center for Female Sexuality. It was at that point the trumpets blared, the choir sang and Vegas neon lights appeared around the computer screen. I exaggerate, but you can imagine how hopeful we both felt about this procedure.

I actually cried when I read the informational packet that was emailed to me, because I could not fathom having sex without pain.

Fast forward three months to my first appointment at MCFS. Since I was traveling from out of town, the approach for my procedure was expedited. The first appointment included a physical exam and explanation of what to expect.

The following day the procedure was scheduled, where Dr. Werner and his staff did such a professional job with the entire procedure. I actually awoke from the anesthesia with a 6” dilator inside of me; by far the largest thing ever to break into the barricade.

Following the procedure, Melissa spent time with me individually to have me become acclimated in practicing with the various sized dilators. My reaction to the entire process was that I was simply floored.

I couldn’t believe how well I responded to the procedure and could get things to work. Imagine: no more pain or discomfort. At this point the worse thing going on was that I looked like a penguin, waddling around town with a dilator inside as I walked. That’s nothing!

One week after the procedure, my husband and I had sex for the first time. We are a little awkward in our movements, but with plenty of desired practice we will be just as good as the professionals. I truly appreciate my husband for his support and actually discovering this process exists.

The time and effort spent after the procedure is very important, especially in consistently using the dilators. The botox lasts approximately three months, so we’ll see what happens at that point* I can definitely say that this process is producing more confidence in me, which is positive to apply to all areas.

Although I wish I could have come to MCFS sooner, I am definitely glad to be at this point in my life.

Many thanks to Dr. Werner, Melissa and the MCFS staff!


-- C --
28 Years Old


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