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Sex Education

The debate over what type of sex education should be offered in public schools has become highly political.  However, the debate has become less about what programs are more effective and more about conflicting ideologies.  Effectiveness is typically measured by the ability of a program to increase the use of condoms and contraceptives, increase communication between partners, delay the onset of first intercourse and increase sexual satisfaction.

However, biased politically-motivated groups would argue that effectiveness means delaying intercourse until marriage and only having one partner throughout the course of life.  Research though has shown that over 95% of people engage in intercourse before marriage.  This, of course, means any program would fail if measured against these standards.

Abstinence-only policy has been dominant in the US, receiving over $1 billion dollars since the program first started.  Sadly, sexologists and other researchers have known for quite some time that these programs are failures, and numerous research studies support this.

June 30, 2009, President Barak Obama did not sign the bill to continue federal funding of this program.  But this fight is not over.  People who still support the Abstinence-only policy continue to fight to include this policy in the new health care plan. 

If you would like more information about the program, check out WEBMD which reports that the CDC  rejected the plan and declared that education is the best policy.

There is so much confusion regarding how/where/when women have orgasms. And making the confusion so much worse is the fact that even the scientific community can’t seem to agree on its own terminology.

 Take this article for instance:  When it says women can achieve orgasm by masturbation but not by love making, what exactly do they mean? I have no clue! What gross generalizations and categorizations!

Are they saying that a woman can achieve orgasm only when she is alone in the room and using her hand or a toy? Or are they saying that while she is enmeshed in a session of lovemaking with her partner that includes intercourse, if she uses her hands  to achieve orgasm, that’s masturbation? 

That is not  masturbating. That is sex!

While I’m at it, I wouldn’t call these women pre-orgasmic. (Sorry, that definition is a brand new one – and a stupid brand new one at that.) I’d call them NORMAL.

 These kinds of articles ignore the obvious fact that how, when and where a woman orgasms is extremely varied and individual.  To try and create a hierarchy of which orgasms are “real,” which happen during “real sex,” “real lovemaking” or which are “acceptable” or the “best” is stupid and counterproductive. I say, enjoy them no matter how you have them, and don’t worry – they qualify as sex in my book!

Here’s the link:

Clean Sex….or is it sex after cleaning? Read more….

This is one of those times where I cannot send you the original article because the written blog about it is more informative than its source! Imagine that: the Houston Chronicle writes an article about men sharing housework and the positive impact that has had on a couples sex life, and it’s dull dull dull.

But this blogger has done her research and writes about the Chronicle article,  and adds information on more studies, more facts, more conclusions that will make you smile.  So that’s the link you’ll see at the bottom of this page.

Let me summarize: the Journal of Family Issues released a report in October based on a survey of the domestic lives of 6,877 married couples. As the author, Jane Ahlin, wrote,” Husbands hankering after some ‘connubial canoodling’ best vacuum their way to the bedroom.”

The Wall Street Journal, reporting on the Family Issues report, also cited a Pew study – one that examined the role of shared domestic chores in 1990 and again recently. Do you know that in 1990, 47% of respondents rated sharing of housework important to marital bliss while 72 % did today?

And let’s be clear about what we mean when we say marital bliss: another study out of the University of California, Riverside, “linked a wife’s satisfaction with the division of household duties with her husband’s satisfaction with their sex life.”

Hey, guys, need we say more?

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