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Stories from Women about Hormone Replacement Therapy

I found the Center's Web site and came here for low libido problems. I had let things go for a long time

I found the Center's Web site and came here for low libido problems. I had let things go for a long time, and my relationship with my boyfriend was becoming strained.

I was very impressed by the personalized, individualized attention I received. The professionals at the center sat down and really took the time to talk to me. I had never had that experience at a doctor's office before.
The first thing I did was complete a survey and provide demographic information. I waited an extremely brief amount of time before they were able to see me.

I met with the Clinical Director and described my problem and how it was affecting my life and my relationship.

When my lab results came back, they prescribed hormones and other medications. They sat down with me to discuss any side effects and any possible drug interactions. They even gave me reading materials about the different medications.

I am still going back to the center for adjustments to my medication, but it is a total change from a year ago. The specialists at the women's center tailored a plan to suit my lifestyle.

I had been on birth control for years and it zapped my hormones. My body was not producing any testosterone. The Assistant Clinical Director was able to pick apart what was happening with my body and identify a solution. She suggested I stop taking the pill, but I was afraid that my body would react badly. I did eventually decide to stop taking the pill, but it was completely my decision.

I was so comfortable working with the staff at The Center. They were easy to speak to and made every effort to understand and treat my problem.

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26 Years Old


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