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Stories from Women about Low Desire

I had suffered from depression and was taking antidepressants for many years. As a result, I had no desire for sex or my husband.

I had suffered from depression and was taking antidepressants for many years. As a result, I had no desire for sex or my husband. This had been an issue in my marriage for a long time.

After addressing the issues with depression, I decided to address the issue of my sexual desire. I spoke with a sex therapist for months and it had no effect.

I was searching on the Internet and I found The Medical Center for Female Sexuality. I called and explained what I was looking for. The person I spoke with said they had a program going to see if an experimental treatment would work. I wanted to get involved so I made an appointment.

The first appointment was like an interview. I explained where I was and was told that the Center was doing a study for women with sexual issues. They collected a lot of information and did some blood tests. Even though I wasn’t appropriate for the particular study going on at the time, I continued to work with the Center.

The first thing they did was try to work with my other doctors regarding lowering my antidepressant dosage. I started out with different hormones. I went back every six weeks while they monitored my progress. The first month was a success. My body grabbed onto the hormones and there were very good changes right away. After two months, the hormones dropped again. My desire dropped. I continued to take the hormones. It took a while to get everything stabilized.

Now, I have a fairly decent sex drive. There is still a way to go, but it has improved a lot.

One of the best things about the Center was that my treatment was individually geared. It was geared to my specific situation and where I was at the time. I was offered a number of different options and ideas and worked with the professionals to find the one that was the best fit. They also offered different books and other helpful material.

Working with the Center is a really positive experience. I received a lot more information about my treatment and experiences than from any other place. I liked how the approach was based on my individual needs.

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49 Years Old


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